Understanding the Body as a Cybernetic System

by Jon Bowskill |  Date Released : 22 Mar 2012

W. Ross Ashbey was one of the pioneers of a science known as cybernetics, which examines the interdisciplinary understanding of regulatory systems. Jon Bowskill, founder of the Bowskill Clinic in London, asserts that in order to yield optimum results for our clients, we need approach programming from the perspective of the human body as a cybernetic system.

In this audio interview, Bowskill delivers his rationale as to how the functioning of one system of the body affects every other system, significantly impacting the results we produce or fail to produce with each individual.

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Jon Bowskill

About the author: Jon Bowskill

Jon Bowskill studied Human Movement at Leeds Metropolitan University. While at University he became double certified by the ACSM as a Health and Fitness Instructor and Advanced Personal Trainer and also qualified as a Personal Trainer under ACE.

He then went on to study at the CHEK Institute in San Diego. Having finished the fourth level of their program in 2004, he was then appointed to their educational faculty, a post which he still holds, specializing in teaching their golf performance program.

Jon has worked in many varied positions from physical trainer on major hollywood movies, to Fitness Editor of Mens Health, to rehabilitation specialist on a neurosurgical unit based on London's Harley Street. He has worked with professional athletes in rugby, formula one, tennis and golf.

He is now highly sought after as a specialist in solving complex injury and performance problems and works alongside his highly specialized team at The Bowskill Clinic in London.

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