Understanding the Emotional Drivers Behind Your Clients’ Fitness Goals

by Sophia Davis |  Date Released : 25 Mar 2011

Lifestyle coach Sophia Davis explains how to identify the true emotional drivers behind your clients’ goals and how to use them to assist your clients in reaching them. Further, she explains why we as fitness professionals must understand our own motives and fears in order to effectively help our clients to overcome theirs.

  • The skills of coaching
  • What does the client really want?
  • Loss of motivation
  • Motivational drivers
  • What makes a client most excited?
  • Affordability and frequency of training
  • What causes people to not do as much as they could be doing?
  • Understanding yourself
  • Avoid making assumptions and pre-mature judgements
  • The importance of subjective goals
  • You can change direction at any time
  • Be willing to open yourself to understanding others
  • Being vulnerable enough to start again
  • People don’t relate to infallibility
  • Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world
  • What situations undermine your view of yourself?
  • The power of visualization
  • One of the biggest fears trainers have
  • Asking for money for your services
  • Identify exactly what it is you feel uncomfortable with
  • The association between value and cost
  • If you don’t ask you don’t fulfil your end of the agreement
  • Valuing yourself

For more information, visit www.sophiadavis.co.uk.

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Sophia Davis

About the author: Sophia Davis

Sophia Davis is a talented life coach and is quickly becoming one of the UK's top business/life coaches.

Sophia writes for Look magazine as their “Expert Life Coach” and works with a private medical clinic in London working with obese and diabetic patients and those needing to re-introduce exercise into their lives for health and fitness reasons.

Starting off her career as an office manager for a media company in London helped her to identify her business and interpersonal strengths. Her role quickly became one of friend, business advisor and confident, and Sophia decided that she wanted to develop her skills further by learning about life coaching, NLP, CBT and alternative techniques such as tapping and the effect of the law of attraction.

In 2005, she set up her own business and teamed up with a team of high profile business people to continue developing her business skills. When the recession hit the UK, Sophia also started a cost reduction company to keep people in work by promoting efficient spending. She was able to save hundreds of thousands of pounds and many jobs.

Sophia found her niche in working with individuals in business and on a personal level to help them identify problems and find solutions. She uses her infectious energy to motivate people by showing opportunities and making any task seem manageable. She works with people of all ages and from all walks of life and industries.

Sophia always works to achieve positive results. She runs workshops and group classes, and is also a motivational speaker.

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