Train Your Clients for Weight Loss

by Scott Pullen |  Date Released : 06 Oct 2011

Why is it that with all the information about weight loss that is available today, the rate of obesity is steadily rising in our society?

Over the past two decade through his work with top organizations such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the New York Yankees, Scott Pullen has built a reputation for his expertise in nutrition. He has worked with thousands of clients personally and tens of thousands of trainers to provide weight loss solutions.

In this audio interview, Pullen discusses the keys to helping your clients succeed in their weight loss goals, as well as some of the myths surrounding weight loss and how you can dispel them.

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Scott Pullen

About the author: Scott Pullen

Being a natural bodybuilder made Scott Pullen learn and apply nutrition, exercise and supplementation in a way many may never need to, but it also fueled a career in the fitness industry that has spanned over 20 years. Scott left an early career path in clinical/public health nutrition to focus on those seeking health promotion and fitness. He has developed and implemented individual training programs for thousands of clients as a trainer and educated tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts working as an educator for Apex Fitness, dotFIT LLC and as a Master Instructor for NASM since 1997. Scott brings to the fitness industry a unique blend of academic and practical experience, having worked in virtually every capacity in the health club environment. In addition, Scott was chosen as the team nutrition consultant for the New York Yankees in 2007.

Scott’s true passion is presenting and educating, adding humor and real life application to his presentations.

Scott has a BS in Human Nutrition & Dietetics and his MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, with an emphasis on rehab science. Additionally, he has his NASM CPT, CES and PES.

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STRONG, ANDY | 19 Dec 2014, 12:02 PM

A really well presented interview. I think it is often to easy for trainers to fall foul of the current trends and fad diets and forget that they are supposed to be teaching and educating about the scientific fundamentals of nutrition and exercise. I am all for new ways of thinking, but I see many trainers who I feel have no better grasp on the concepts laid out in your interview than the clients they supposed to be helping. Keep up the good work.

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