Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Grip Strength

by Jamie Atlas |  Date Released : 22 May 2012
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Jamie Atlas

About the author: Jamie Atlas

Jamie Atlas (BSc. Neuroscience, PTA Global Certified, ViPR Master Trainer, GIFT Institute Fellow) has spent many years as both a student of function but also as a student of people. He draws his knowledge and training from a curiosity of how the body moves but also how the person drives their own movement - focusing on not only the methodology but the style and approach required to elicit the desired reaction. Since the arrival of his new family members he focuses his time and efforts in Denver Colorado, where he owns and manages Bonza Bodies Fitness, a 3000ft studio focused on functional training in a small group setting.

Jamie currently teaches and travels for:
Railyard Fitness

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Anderson, Jacob | 23 May 2012, 15:12 PM

This article did a very good job of explaining the different ways grip strength has changed throughout the years. I enjoyed this because of having injuries to my hands throughout the years as a martial artist. I have injured my hands from breaks. The article gave me some ideas of how to not only help my clients become stronger with grip as functionality.

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