The Neuroscience Behind New Client Orientation

by Marcel Daane |  Date Released : 06 Jan 2012
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Marcel Daane

About the author: Marcel Daane

In short, Marcel’s passion lies in the realm of maximizing cognitive and physical performance by using an integrated combination of Neuroscience, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. His Post Graduate work in Neuroscience coupled with undergraduate degrees in Complementary Medicine and Applied Nutrition and professional qualifications as an ACE “Gold Standard” Advanced Fitness Specialist and NSCA Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist, in combination with over 15 years experience in cognitive performance coaching, rehabilitation, and strength conditioning, have enabled Marcel to developed a unique, integrated model, of coaching that is highly sought after in the sports, fitness and corporate arenas.

Marcel owns numerous successful businesses in Asia, such as SPEED-Institute, Singapore’s largest sports performance center, The Body-Brain Performance Institute (Singapore), specializing in corporate performance enhancement, and Marcel-Fit Education and Training through which he authors and runs movement based fitness education courses for fitness professionals.

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