The Essentials of Retaining Your Client Base

by Rob Lander |  Date Released : 10 Jul 2012
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Rob Lander

About the author: Rob Lander

Rob Lander is a Personal Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and FitPro presenter. Rob first qualified in 1993 and built up a successful business as a personal trainer averaging over 210 appointments per month. Rob spent his first 4 years focusing on training supermodels before specializing in preparing endurance motor racing drivers for events such as Le Mans 24-hour. As a very busy trainer Rob found himself run ragged and didn't have time do all the administration he needed to, so he created Fisikal which did this all automatically for him. Rob lectures on "The Business of Personal Training" and runs regular free webinars.

Rob believes that "Success is having the right systems in place, with the right content delivered at just the right time. If any of these elements are missed out you significantly increase your chances of failure. Some of the best ideas fail not from lack of a good concept but being executed poorly or simply at the wrong time. Running a successful business is like flying an airplane, you start with a flight plan then continually adjust your course as you need to whenever conditions change. Your end result is your focus, and you need to clearly know where you are going - the rest you can amend on the fly."

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