The End of Reductionism As We Know It: How Movement and the Brain Are Linked Together

by Roy Sugarman |  Date Released : 07 Apr 2010

  • The connection between the brain and body
  • The development of speech
  • Speech, thought and motor activity
  • When we engage in motor activity our brains improve
  • Movement provides hormonal support for the growth of the brain
  • Improve movement, improve cognition
  • The recovery period of exercise
  • Fitness professionals as allied health professionals
  • The reductionist perspective
  • Beginning to effect cognition with movement
  • Motivational interviewing to make training client centered
  • The guide by the side not the sage on the stage
  • Emotions are physical sensations in our bodies but reside in our brain
  • To retain our clients we must bond with them
  • Can we motivate people extraneously?
  • Resistance is failure to engage
  • Scope of practice
  • Novelty and complexity of movement
  • The role of nutrition and recovery and the brain
  • Food that is not interfered with by human beings
  • Body brain the rules are the same
  • Carbohydrates and water
  • The no carb diet

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Roy Sugarman

About the author: Roy Sugarman

Dr. Roy Sugarman is currently the Director of Applied Neuroscience at Athletes' Performance. He is a clinical neuropsychologist, a clinical psychologist, and an internationally-recognized expert in optimizing brain performance. <br><br>

Dr. Sugarman works with highly competitive sport and coaching bodies, clinicians, corporate entities and individuals to develop programs to optimise peak performance in daily life. His work in the science of engaging and retaining clients in adopting healthy behaviour change with various international professional training institutions has brought him international recognition and endorsements. Dr. Sugarman works with large corporations to improve the overall health and productivity of their staff, enhance the ability of their leadership to drive healthy behaviour change, and help engage and retain both staff and management in ongoing resilience building to optimise home and work vitality. <br><br>

He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, scientific book reviews, book chapters and manuals related to optimising brain function, evolution of the brain, and work in non-Western cultures. Current works in the pipeline include a manual for coaching emotion for elite coaches, co-authored with Steve Hecht (a baseball coach in the USA), and a manual on the engagement and retention of clients in healthy behaviours to assist professional trainers.

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