Resequencing for Fast Results with Clients

by Douglas Heel |  Date Released : 25 Jan 2011
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Douglas Heel

About the author: Douglas Heel

Douglas is a physiotherapist and kinesiologist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has trained personal trainers and fitness instructors for the last six years at the Sports Science Institute (ETA) and for Reebok Instructors Alliance. In March 2004, he launched his concept that is now used in gyms, Pilates studios, corporate environments and with athletes (runners, cyclists, paddlers and rugby) throughout South Africa. Douglas believes we can break through limitations in an instant and get clients working at unbelievable levels if we release the defensive patterns within.

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Comments (2)

PTontheNet, Content Editor | 09 Jan 2014, 20:15 PM

Hi Kristina,
Thank you for your question! We are looking into this and any additional video that may be available.

Dunn, Kristina | 07 Jan 2014, 17:19 PM

I could only watch until 2:57... is there more to this video?

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