The Power of Biometric Feedback in Fitness Programming

by John Williams |  Date Released : 08 Sep 2011

What is biometric feedback and why is it important? Fitness industry expert and competitive tri-athlete John Williams discusses how heart rate monitoring can bring precision to acute variable manipulation and, as a result, accelerate your clients’ performance.

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John Williams

About the author: John Williams

John Williams has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and has been a highly successful personal trainer and fitness manager for some of the UK’s leading health club chains. Currently John is the expertise coach for a leading UK health and racquets operator.

Alongside his work as an expertise coach John is the founder of Health, Fitness and Performance Training (HFPT),a training company that specializes in facilitating positive change for clients who desire increased wellness and vitality, improved body composition and enhanced performance.

John deeply believes in leadership, and his work focuses on empowering others through knowledge and confidence to make good choices and ultimately create other leaders.

John is a high performing Ironman triathlete who enjoys travelling and competing around the globe. John has a BSc Honours in Sport and Exercise Science, and is certified by NASM, CPT, CES, PES, and PTA Global. He is, a Triathlon England Coach, ASA Swimming Coach and London School of Sports Massage Therapist.

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