Nutrition Counseling That Works, Part 1

by Adam Daniel |  Date Released : 24 May 2011
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Adam Daniel

About the author: Adam Daniel

Adam has been in the fitness industry for 14 years. He came from an elite sporting background, having been an international 400 meter hurdler, and is now a respected personal trainer, educator and presenter within the fitness industry in the UK. He is currently a European Master Trainer for ViPR and a UK Master Trainer for Fitpro specializing in the delivery and development of coaching and communication skills based courses and workshops, helping fitness professional understand the importance of behavior change.

Adam regularly presents at the Register of Exercise Professionals quarterly conferences in the UK and has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the English Rugby Football Union, overseeing the development of international referees. He was considered to be one of London's top six personal trainers in the Evening Standard magazine and his client list ranges from professional golfers, windsurfers, and high level sportspeople to businesspeople and de-conditioned clients.

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