Movement in the Frontal Plane

by Steve Rast |  Date Released : 01 Jan 1900
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Steve Rast

About the author: Steve Rast

Steve Rast is a lifelong athlete who has made the fitness industry his chosen profession and is ardent about helping others achieve their goals. As a full-time coach and trainer of trainers, his primary focus is the professional development of those he works with. Steve has experience with nearly every demographic of clientele from elite athletes/military special operators to the elderly, medical considerations and mentally challenged. A former Reconnaissance Marine, Steve played Rugby for the University of Washington where he studied Geographic Information Systems, while at the same time he coached high school and middle school wrestling. He has been a personal trainer since 1999, is a ViPR Master Trainer, and takes great care to ensure that the clients that work with him have no question as to how they are going to go about achieve their goals.

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