Don't Sell Yourself Short: Learn to Set and Achieve Massive Goals

by David Hyner |  Date Released : 17 Nov 2011

Have you ever wondered what the most successful people in life have in common? That was a question that David Hyner asked himself a long time ago. His search for the answer took him on a journey, allowing him to meet and interview some of the most accomplished individuals in the world from many different walks of life.

Along the way he learned why most of what we’ve been taught about goal setting and achievement is a lie. He learned that the most extraordinary achievers in our society look at achievement completely different from how most of us would assume.

Hyner discovered that the most admired, accomplished individuals in our society, whether they consciously realize it or not, apply four principles of success and adhere strongly to one point of commonality that sets them apart from the masses.

In his own life, David Hyner tested the principles he learned with astonishing results. Within a relatively short time the employment of these principles enabled him to raise an enormous amount of money, become an internationally celebrated speaker and author as well host of his own popular radio show in cooperation with the BBC.

Join us and learn how these principles can work for you and what one thing you can do immediately that will make the biggest difference in your life and work.

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David Hyner

About the author: David Hyner

David is a proud father and husband with MASSIVE goals. He is also a researcher, speaker, broadcaster and author on the subject of personal effectiveness and goal achievement. He has presented “The Positive Show” for BBC Radio and been an expert interviewee for many magazines, radio shows, webcasts and podcasts. The results of his 13+ years of research interviews with highly successful top achievers from all walks of life blew the much taught myths around success and goal setting out of the water. His work takes him around the world inspiring young adults in schools, company teams, and small business owners through to senior leaders in major corporations. People who have used his MASSIVE Goal Principle have become sporting champions, best selling authors, academic achievers, sales superstars, fundraising champions…and much more besides.

His delivery style has been called “Fun, challenging and interactive. He's probably the best speaker in the world.” – Dave's Mom

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