Integrated Strategies for Whole Person Fitness, Episode 2

by Chip Richards |  Date Released : 10 Jun 2011

In this episode of the Integrated Strategies series, we take a closer look at the “Congruence Wheel” – the balanced (or unbalanced!) partnership between our physical, mental and emotional bodies, and how they influence our external efforts and results (in fitness, wellness, sport and life), ultimately creating the energy or “spirit” in what we do. Episode 2 is about the Power of the Mind – the “inner architect” of our experience – and specifically explores the relationship between the subconscious and conscious mind in cultivating our perceptions, beliefs, feelings and experiences in the world. As a way of understanding and demystifying the relationship between the subconscious and conscious mind, we draw a parallel to the soil of our garden and the seeds that we choose to plant there. Simply put, the subconscious mind can be seen like a bed of rich, fertile SOIL. It has the capacity to grow ANYTHING – whatever we consciously (or unconsciously) place into it and consistently feed it. The Conscious Mind is like the SEED. It carries the blueprint of LIFE within it. Each thought we hold and plant with feeling is like a seed planted into the soil of all possibility. If we want to grow carrots, plant carrot seeds. If we want to grow kale, plant kale seeds. The same is very literally true for the thoughts we choose to hold and build in our body and our life. In a very simple sense, thoughts of health, vitality, balance and wellness impressed upon our subconscious will naturally lead us in the direction of creating more healthy, vital, balanced experiences. Thoughts of discord, stress, worry and judgment lead our mind, emotions and actions in the direction of experiences that carry those energies. Episode 2 is a call to begin being more consciously aware of the thoughts we choose to plant, hold and feed in various aspects of our life. If you are not happy with a certain area of your life, your business, your body, your relationships, the very best place to start is often right here with the seeds of your thoughts. This is where it all begins. What are the thoughts that you hold on a consistent basis with regards to these areas of your life? Are they in alignment with your highest vision and positive potential in this area, or are they sending your energy off in discordant, less productive directions. As you expand your awareness of your own thought patterns, you will naturally begin to recognize the patterns of thought, self-talk and belief that may be limiting the results that your clients and athletes are seeking. This is akin to identifying a dysfunctional pattern in their physical movement. They may have come to you with a desire to drop a second off their race time or add 6 inches to their vertical leap, but you can see when they walk in the door that there are basic building blocks that must be shifted in their movement patterns in order for them to genuinely reach (and surpass!) their goal. The same is very true of their mental patterning. You will find, with expanded awareness of the thought seeds your clients are holding, that you will be able to begin working with them from the inside out to create a more focused platform for building the energy and outcomes of all that they truly want to achieve…and beyond. As the ancient Hawaiian HUNA say, “Energy flows where our attention goes.” Know that you have the power and the responsibility to choose the direction and focus of your mind. As you do, you are quite literally planting seeds into the garden of your future reality.  There are no limits to what this garden can grow…so think big! Stay tuned...In Episode 3, we cross into the next section of the Congruence Wheel and discover the incredible electromagnetic power of the HEART.

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Chip Richards

About the author: Chip Richards

Formerly ranked #1 in the US for Freestyle Skiing, Chip served as head coach of the 1998 Australian Olympic Freestyle Ski Team and has mentored Olympic athletes (including four World Champions) from six nations. For the past 11 years, Chip has taken his passion for coaching into various business and creative industries. Merging ancient wisdom with the "inner science" of transformative change, Chip has guided film makers, musicians, business leaders, adventurers and wellness professionals on their journey of self discovery. In 2005, following eight years as Editor for PTontheNET, Chip founded the 4th Dimension Holistic Life Coach and Leadership program, aimed at empowering individuals to transform their lives. An internationally published writer and storyteller, Chip has published a variety of written works on the subject of human development, consciousness and wellbeing.

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Rish, Phil | 26 Oct 2011, 02:44 AM

Powerful lesson Chip! It's so true! I hope that trainers, coaches or for anyone for that matter who is trying to create or help create a realistic positive outcome and life change can see how important it is to use these integrated strategies. I think they can and should be included in any health and fitness program. It all starts with the mind. Everything is first created by an electrical impulse from our brains. The subconscious mind is apart of every one of those actions. If it's the mind stimulating the fingers to type a letter, to lift us out of bed every morning, winding up to kick that ball or finally deciding to eat better.
Love the analogies Chip! Thank you for making this information a bit more real and tangible.
In health, Phillip Rish (LIVIN')

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