How to Monetize Corporate Fitness Part 1

by Art McDermott |  Date Released : 10 Apr 2017

Art McDermott defines monetizing corporate fitness and dispels common myths about what corporate fitness means.  Want to learn more about corporate fitness?

The Certified Corporate Fitness Specialist course might be the perfect fit for you.

The Certified Corporate Fitness Specialist exam is an in-depth coverage of virtually every topic participants may encounter during the lead generation phase, the contact signing as well as the implementation phase.

There is sufficient materials and knowledge here to create and entire ‘standalone’ revenue stream or business unit.

As a result, health professionals completing this Certification take a massive step forward in the highly lucrative Corporate Wellness market. There is at present no niche in the entire fitness industry showing similar returns upon investment.

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Art McDermott

About the author: Art McDermott

Art McDermott
Owner – Wellness Consulting Group
Co-Founder & COO National Corporate Fitness Institute

Art McDermott CSCS CISSN is a Certified Nutritionist and has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for 30 years.

Art helps business owners promote their services through extensive copy writing work and has produced work for many well-known names in the industry (many who cannot be named here!) He has presented on the topic multiple times and specializes in creating program specific sales pages with matching email sequences that convert prospects in clients.

Art has spent years in the corporate wellness arena; conducting speaking, corporate trainings, “boot camp” sessions as well as custom fitness programs.  He works with companies to design affordable wellness solutions through his company, Wellness Consulting Group.

He has owned several training facilities specializing in personal training, nutrition, fitness/physique transformations, ‘baby boomer’ and senior training as well as sports preparation. Art has been involved with strength sports for over 25 years.  During that time, he has participated in over 20 National and World Championships in three different sports, in addition to 2 Olympic Track & Field Trials.

Current highlights:

– Author, Professional Speaker, Consultant and Wellness Activist
– Adjunct Professor – University of Massachusetts, Lowell. College of Health Sciences.
– 6 Time NCAA All-American in Track & Field and a member of multiple US National and International Teams

Current Published Books:

“Boomer Blueprint – A Step-by-Step Guide to Longevity, Anti-Aging and Fitness for Baby Boomers”

“The Red Wine Diet – Enjoy Life. Lose Fat.”

“Strongman Training for Sport” with Charles Poliquin

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