How to Enhance Your Business with Social Media

by Bryan O'Rourke |  Date Released : 08 Jun 2011
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Bryan O'Rourke

About the author: Bryan O'Rourke

Bryan O’Rourke is a recognized strategist, technologist, entrepreneur and thought leader in the fitness industry. He has a track record of growing global brands, with expertise and experience as a financial deal maker and contract CEO. He now serves as executive co-founder and shareholder in a number of successful fitness industry companies including Fitmarc, Integerus, The Flywheel Group and The Health Club for Women. Bryan is a frequent speaker and writer on trends in the fitness and health club industries including the application of technologies and social media. He serves as Chairman of the Medical Fitness Association’s Education Committee and is a special advisor to Star Trac among several other leading global fitness and wellness organizations.

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