Warm-Up Breathing

by Ed Harrold |  Date Released : 21 Aug 2017

Warm-Up From The Inside Out

In previous articles, I've talked about how important it is to warm-up the body through the respiratory and digestive systems with nasal breathing. Our digestive function is responsible for the removal of wastes and excessive inflammation, as well as the absorption of nutrients. It also plays a role in determining our energy source i.e., burning fats or sugars to account for the energy demand.   And like the Cheetah, we can train our respiratory system for optimal oxygen-rich blood flow to make its'; way to our skeletal and musculoskeletal systems for maximum output at the moment it's needed.

Junk miles to warm-up only destroys the skeletal & musculoskeletal system.  Let's save those systems for when they're really needed in whatever activity or sport you're training for or enjoying in your fitness routines.  "The body is designed so the muscles responsible for breathing and the heart will take priority for oxygenated blood over limb muscles, meaning the rest of the body, legs and arms; will be the first to 'go' causing premature fatigue" (1).

To warm-up, we're going to use a technique called 4-Part Breathing.  This technique involves brief retentions of holding the breath in and holding the breath out.  We do this in an effort to create more power from the muscles of inhale and exhale.

Imagine the inhale as your intention and the exhale the manifestation of the intention.  On the inhale, see the goal.  On the exhale, make it happen!  During the retentions, visually see the movement coming in the hill training.  Mindfully see the movement of bones moving first, muscles moving second and the movement happening from the solar plexus; the center point below the naval and diaphragm muscle.  Not only are we warming the body up, we're creating introversion.  We're establishing the mental aspect of the training.

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Ed Harrold

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