Give Your Brain a Break to Lower Heart Rate

by Ed Harrold |  Date Released : 05 Jul 2016

Sleep Recovery

Finding a rhythmic sleep cycle that works for you is so critical to short and long-term gains of skills and overall life awareness. The body works with a 24-hour cycle of patterns. Living in concert with these rhythms will improve our sleep cycle.

Sleep isn’t just for the body. We have about 60,000 independent cognitive thoughts every 24 hours. The brain and body repairs itself while we sleep. Optimal health and well-being is experienced when adults achieve 7-10 hours of sleep daily depending on your lifestyle and workout routines. Most of us are having problems sleeping because of the over activity during the day and misuse of our autonomic nervous system. To improve sleep cycles, take a breathing break during the day. In yoga, we call this a yoga nidra (yogic Sleep), which is the equivalent of 2.5 hours of sleep. A yoga nidra is a 25-minute guided breathing exercise. It’s our equivalent of a cat nap. And if you really want to live in concert with our 24-hour cycle, take a 5-minute “brain break” every 90 minutes to stay in balance with our ultradian rhythms. A brain break means you step away from whatever you’re doing and find a quiet place to close your eyes and breathe (Srinivasan, 1991)...Read the entire article here.

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Ed Harrold

About the author: Ed Harrold

Ed Harrold is an inspirational leader, coach, and educator. Ed’s mastery in the science of breath has guided him to apply mindful, conscious breathing practices in fitness, weight loss, stress reduction, healthcare and overall health and well-being.

Today, Ed blends the fields of neuroscience and the wisdom of contemplative traditions into effective strategies to improve health, fitness & well-being in Corporate America, Healthcare, athletic performance and individual health. Ed’s fluency in mindfulness-based strategies combined with the belief in the human potential gives him the depth and understanding to meet individuals and group needs across industries and platforms.

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