Exploring the Fascial System, Part 4

by Chuck Wolf |  Date Released : 07 Oct 2010

Chuck Wolf, international speaker, educator, author and elite level trainer, discusses his perspective on why an understanding of the myofascial system is essential for any fitness professional seeking to produce optimal results for their personal training clients. How does each joint in the body affect every other joint in the kinetic chain? Learn the mechanical, proprioceptive and movement implications of the fascial system that can take your personal training to new heights.

  • The difference between the study of the myofascial lines and functional anatomy
  • Old model of fascia as simply a container for muscle
  • Electro-physiology
  • Work of Thomas Myers
  • Fascia as an integrated web
  • The need for understanding the myofascial lines 
  • Economical and efficient movements
  • Mechanical strengthening of myofascial system through eccentric multi-planar loading
  • Greater and faster results for our clients
  • Fascial systems influence on posture
  • Multi-planar implications
  • Immobility in the joint
  • Remedial movements
  • Stress in three planes
  • Movement is the key 
  • Breaking down myofascial stickiness
  • Filling in the gaps in our training
  • Progressing too quickly
  • Foot and ankle, hip and spine
  • The body as a series of alternating mobile and stable joints
  • All muscles and joints work in three planes of motion

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Chuck Wolf

About the author: Chuck Wolf

Chuck Wolf has a Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from George Williams College and specializes in Applied Biomechanics. He presently is the Director of Human Motion Associates in Orlando, Florida, consulting with clients ranging from the rehabilitation setting to professional athletes of the highest level including many of the top 50 PGA players in the world and numerous professional baseball players. He has emerged as a leader of functional anatomy and biomechanics within the fitness and sports performance industries and works extensively with internal medicine physicians, orthopedic specialists and physical therapists addressing musculoskeletal issues and developing corrective exercise programs. Chuck has presented at many national and international conferences, written dozens of articles and produced many educational videos in the areas of human motion, sports science and human performance.

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