Exploring the Fascial System, Part 3, with Erin Carson and Geralyn Coopersmith

by Erin Carson |  Date Released : 23 Sep 2010

Erin Carson and Geralyn Coopersmith are a couple of the most successful educators and health club operators in the fitness industry. In this rare interview you will get a perspective on the importance of the understanding the fascial system and how that knowledge can enhance the efficacy of your programs as well as your perceived value from top level managers in our field.

**Editor's Note: This interview is identical to the Exploring the Fascial System, Part 3, audio interview listed under Geralyn Coopersmith's profile.

  • The Reductionist view of anatomy
  • An integrated roadmap to the body
  • How does new insight regarding fascial effect programming in the club?
  • Diversification and its affect on perception on value
  • Breaking down the complexity of anatomy trains
  • Trends in our industry
  • Implications for enhanced performance
  • Who is an athlete?
  • The paradigm shift of the industry
  • Being fully engaged with our clients
  • Leading the field
  • The more skills you bring the higher you can rise in this industry
  • Coaching your clients in a wellness program
  • Helping people enjoy what they’re doing
  • Whole people require a holistic approach to training
  • Hiring for smarts and emotional intelligence
  • You can’t teach someone to genuinely care

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Erin Carson

About the author: Erin Carson

Erin Carson, CSCS, CPT, PES and Titleist Performance Training Specialist, has over two decades as health and fitness professional. Currently the General Manager and Fitness Director for RallySport Health and Fitness Club, in Boulder, Colorado, she actively participates and contributes to one of the most successful single club personal training departments in the country. Erin has been a continuing education provider for Technogym as a Kinesis Master Instructor and provides consulting services to health clubs looking to enhance both personal training and small group training departments. Erin has presented at IHRSA's national convention several times on the topic of developing small group training using Technogym's Kinesis Circuit. She holds a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from The University of Colorado, Boulder.

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