Exercises for a Pregnant Client during Second Trimester

by Erica Ziel |  Date Released : 27 May 2015

Erica Ziel demonstrates recommended exercises for your prenatal client in her second trimester.

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Erica Ziel

About the author: Erica Ziel

Erica Ziel is the creator of Core Athletica® Inc. and the Knocked-Up Fitness® brand including; DVD’s, online programs, her new book The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy, and a pre/postnatal instructor training certification programcertification program. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Health from ISU, is a certified ACE Personal Trainer and STOTT Pilates certified instructor and mom to three. She currently serves on Fit Pregnancy Magazine’s Advisory Board, is the contributing fitness editor for Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, and has been featured and contributed to many publications such as The New York Times, Oxygen Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, People, PopSugar, WebMD.com and many more.

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Coles, Tammy | 12 Jun 2016, 19:05 PM

Thank you for the information. I have trained pregnant woman over the years but it has been a while.

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