Exercise Demo: The "Swoop"

by Dax Moy |  Date Released : 08 May 2012
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Dax Moy

About the author: Dax Moy

Wellness Consultant Dax Moy, PES, SSC, NMT, has been at the forefront of the UK fitness industry for over 7 years as a trainer, educator, journalist and television health consultant. Author of over 100 published articles worldwide and creator of the internationally acclaimed Kinetic Chain Specialist Course and Financial Fitness mentoring program, he was officially recognized as one of the UK's top fitness experts in 2003. Dax has been a consultant to ITV, BBC1, SKY TV, The British Army and is the lead health consultant to the Department for Health.

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Comments (2)

bean, nydia | 20 May 2012, 00:40 AM

I will be using the swoop. Thanx, Dax After years and years of training it is so refreshing to see something new. Nydia

Anderton, Scott | 09 May 2012, 21:02 PM

Great exercise for MMA and wrestlers

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