Evidence Based Research on the Impact of Diet and Disease

by Teri Gentes |  Date Released : 29 Sep 2016

Teri Gentes discusses diet choices and how this affects our chances of disease.

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Teri Gentes

About the author: Teri Gentes

Teri Gentes is an international speaker, educator, lifestyle coach, recipe developer and cooking instructor with over years of experience. Her seminars, workshops, personalized programs and progressive, transitional approach have enabled thousands of clients to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles. Teri walks and talks wellness and specializes in healthy everyday living with a provocative, practical and engaging style, inspiring action.  She makes healthier habits easy, enjoyable and when it comes to food, truly delicious.  Follow her on FB, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In and join her clean eating programs and seasonal detoxes. www.balancedhealthyyou.com/wellness

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