Enhancing Core Performance with Chop and Lift Patterns

by Pete Holman |  Date Released : 05 May 2015

Spiral and diagonal movements are common patterns that can be seen in daily life and sports. Our bodies are designed to transfer rotational power through that kinetic chain. The tall kneeling and half kneeling chop and lift patterns, performed using an Asymmetrical Bar Training device, are designed to strengthen the core, identify asymmetries, enhance durability for the low back.

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Pete Holman

About the author: Pete Holman

Pete Holman is a Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and three time U.S. National TaeKwon-Do champion. Pete specializes in biomechanics and movement training at Aspen Sports Medicine, and has trained and rehabilitated professional athletes from the NFL, UFC, Olympic Skiing and Snowboarding teams and numerous X-Games events.

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