Enhance TRX Training with 3D Movement

by Hayley Hollander |  Date Released : 16 Apr 2012
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Hayley Hollander

About the author: Hayley Hollander

Hayley is a Personal Trainer, Educator, and Co-Founder of Advanced Training Performance in Las Vegas, NV. Hayley has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years, and LOVES how it is constantly evolving allowing her to follow one of her passions, education.  She specializes in functional movement enhancement for all levels, sports conditioning, pre/post natal, weight loss, and endurance training. Her training style brings new research and exercise principles on the gym floor, and focuses on meeting the client where they need to be met, and giving them the "foundation" to keep their new healthy habits strong throughout their life.

Hayley’s love for fitness has evolved in to teaching other trainers through her experience. As a Master Trainer for TRX, she travels and teaches four of their five certifications. Her love and passion for teaching, has led her to empower other trainers to reach their own goals, as she joined the PTA Global Faculty in November 2010. She strives to provide life-enhancing experiences through those she teaches by sharing her own experiences and putting a fun little twist on the material. She loves to compete, and spends her free time doing triathlons, hiking, and co-ed soccer.

She currently teaches and travels for:
Personal Training Academy Global
Fitness Anywhere, Inc
Professional Fitness Institute, Las Vegas

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Comments (3)

Leggatt, Simon | 27 Feb 2016, 01:15 AM

Hi Hayley,

Hello from Australia!

Thank you for your insightful approaches to TRX training with 3D movements and sharing this. It has really opened my eyes to the science behind the training and loved it.

Please post more!

Simon Leggatt (Personal Trainer)

Garcia, Jesse | 30 Jun 2012, 00:20 AM

Thanks for sharing. TRX is my favorite gym apparatus and I train all my clients on TRX at least one exercise every workout. But I really hope that some one out there will listen to my plea and help me find someone who would be willing to help me pull together a training for specific athletic genere, The Circus Artist. That is my line of work and I'm having a heck of a time trying to get people to even use it because it's Yellow and Black... lol, But it's not so funny when I realize how much they are missing by not taking up my suggestion and use the TRX as an additional tool to helping their strength, stability and mobility to enhance their already solid basic program for specialized Circus musculation program. If you know of anyone interested in helping me to develop the Circus Arts TRX training program please let me know. Sincerely, Jesse

Garcia, Jesse | 18 Apr 2012, 23:40 PM

NIce work Hayley! I'm always changing up my clients workouts and since TRX is my favorite piece of equipment to use I will definitely be challenging my clients now even more. Thanks! Jesse

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