Emerging Trends in the Fitness Industry

by Michael Scott Scudder |  Date Released : 19 May 2011

Proclaimed as one of the top business thinkers in the fitness industry by organizations such as Club Industry and by former IHRSA president John McCarthy, Michael Scott Scudder shares his insights on emerging trends and what opportunities they present for fitness professionals…if we’re prepared.

  • Membership in certain regions of the world have reportedly increased for the first time in 7 years.
  • The growth of the month-to-month no contract model
  • No-obligation mandates will change the game dramatically
  • Selling the idea of fitness and wellness
  • The shift toward selling memberships instead of selling exercise 
  • If people do not want to purchase memberships, that does not mean that they don’t want to purchase exercise programming
  • The opportunities ahead for fitness professionals
  • Trainers need to be is so much more today they did yesterday; they can't deal only with physicality
  • Revenue opportunities for trainers
  • One to one training is decreasing, whereas group training is growing
  • Group training means opportunity for bigger client base and greater revenue per hour
  • According to Dr. Jim Annesi, 80 percent of new fitness members want to exercise in groups
  • Expanding how we look at on-boarding/orientation processes
  • The fitness professional hybrid
  • The definition of a life coach
  • Whole people require a holistic approach
  • Where are certifications not meeting the needs of the trainer and industry?
  • There is no shortage of expertise in the industry; what we need to know is how to build and maintain relationships
  • The 50+ population is our biggest market: Are we meeting their needs?
  • Becoming a "coach" rather than a "trainer"


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Michael Scott Scudder

About the author: Michael Scott Scudder

Michael Scott Scudder's work in the fitness industry as a general manager, executive director, owner, and consultant spans more than three decades. He is currently the CEO of Michael Scott Scudder's Fitness Business Council.

Michael has been called "one of the smartest people in the fitness industry" and has advised over over 500 fitness facility organizations on advertising, marketing, sales, operations, management and business development. His training programs cover topics including health club management, marketing, sales, demographics and member integration strategies, and he has delivered online events to over 12,000 club owners and managers.

Michael is a featured speaker on health club business topics at the fitness industry's leading conferences, has been widely published in the top trade publications, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. His organization achieved “Top 100 Clubs” status and he was named one of Top Ten Health Club Managers in the U.S. Selected as one of only 19 people in the world to “Who’s Who in International Fitness.”

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