Defining Periodization

by Karsten Jensen |  Date Released : 19 Jan 2016

What is Periodization? Is periodization a complicated Eastern European concept or a simpler and much more FLEXIBLE concept? This video reviews the definition of periodization and a simple program design example. For more on The Flexible Periodization Method, see Karsten Jensen's book in the PTontheNet Shop here.

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Karsten Jensen

About the author: Karsten Jensen

Karsten Jensen, MSc Exercise Physiology, has helped world class and Olympic athletes from 27 different sports since 1993. Many of his athletes have won Olympic medals, European-, World Championships and ATP Tournaments. Karsten is the first strength coach to create a complete system of periodization, The Flexible Periodization Method - the first complete method of periodization dedicated to holistic, individualized and periodized (H.I.P) training programs.

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