Comparing Results of Various Body Comp Measurements

by Mike D'Angelo |  Date Released : 12 Oct 2015

Mike D’Angelo shares the results of various body composition measurements, including DEXA scan, BEI, circumference measurements, etc.

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Mike D'Angelo

About the author: Mike D'Angelo

Mike D’Angelo is the founder of BodyEvolver PT Pro. He has more than 20 years’ experience getting his client incredible results. He is a lecturer and presenter for IDEA, NEFC and NEHRSA. Mike is known for his incredible energy and passion for our Industry and helping trainers to inform and educate their clients about the facts of fitness and training.

He was the lead training developer of the Reebok Fitness App and a former endorsement athlete for EAS and ESPN MuscleMania Pro. Mike is a huge fan of measuring and tracking results which is why he developed He was voted Boston’s Best Trainer and rated a Top U.S. Trainer by Allure magazine. Mike holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology. Certifications: NCSF ACSM

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