Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Exercise?

by Derrick Price |  Date Released : 10 Aug 2012

It seems as though every few months a new sensation is sweeping the fitness industry. Behind many of these new programs, products or exercise modalities we often find a great deal of passion from fitness professionals that believe in them. But how well do we communicate the value of these tools to a population who is overwhelmed and often confused by the seemingly endless choices they have in front of them? In this interview with PTA Global, fitness educator Derrick Price takes a through a series of questions we need to ask ourselves before we label something good or bad. Derrick asks: regardless of our appraisal of an exercise or product, is the way we communicate with our clients getting us the results we want?

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Derrick Price

About the author: Derrick Price

Derrick Price has been active on many levels in the fitness industry for over 8 years. He holds a MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with an emphasis on injury prevention and performance enhancement from the California University of Pennsylvania, where he has also spent time as an Adjunct Faculty member teaching courses in Exercise Program Design.

Aside from personal training at the acclaimed Function First exercise studio in San Diego, CA, Derrick also is a Master Trainer for ViPR, PowerPlate, and the Core-Tex. He began his educational career as a Master Instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has since moved on to become a Faculty Member for the Personal Training Academy Global.

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