All Companies Are Not the Same: Determining Need

by LaRue Cook |  Date Released : 28 Jan 2019

LaRue Cook wants to help you determine your corporate wellness/fitness business needs.

Whose needs should be determined?

  • Employers
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LaRue Cook

About the author: LaRue Cook

LaRue Cook is a certified fitness professional with over 23-years hands-on training experience.  He holds his BS in Health Science, Masters in Healthcare Administration, and Juris Doctor degree. Additionally, LaRue holds the following certifications:

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
- Certified Tennis Performance Specialist
- Certified Sports Performance and Injury Prevention Trainer
- Certified EXOS Performance Specialist
- Certified Titleist Performance Specialist
- Certified USA Track and Field Speed and Agility Trainer
- Certified Youth Conditioning Specialist

LaRue serves on the following Boards:
- Board of Examiners of the National Board of Fitness Examiners
- Board of the Florida High School Tennis Coaches Association

In 2016 LaRue was highlighted in a publication by the Exercise is Medicine Program ® (a worldwide initiative co-launched by the American Medical Association and the American College of Sports Medicine) as a Certified Fitness Professional who has successfully forged a working relationship with the medical profession.

LaRue has served as a Fitness Director, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Expert Advisor, Consultant and Trainer to some of the leading fitness and medical organizations in the country.  In addition to his work with PTontheNet, he has served as Contributing Expert to a number of health, fitness and sports publications and organizations including:
- the International Sports Sciences Association
- the National Strength and Conditioning Association
- the International Tennis Performance Association
- USA Basketball
- the Rhode Island Health and Fitness Magazine
- Tennis View Magazine
- Women’s Basketball Magazine
- iHoops and more.

In 2011, LaRue produced a short documentary film ‘We R Athletes’ which highlighted the many benefits, both physical and psychological, of strength and conditioning for female athletes, and how becoming physically strong enhances self-confidence both on the field of play and in the work world.
LaRue is a lifelong athlete who has competed in baseball, tennis, karate, track, wrestling, bowling and more. He currently competes in tournament tennis and has been ranked in the Top-10 Men’s 4.0 Singles tournament players by the United States Tennis Association, Mid-Atlantic Section for over 14 years.  In his spare time, LaRue serves as a film judge and as a volunteer to a number of charitable organizations.

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