Achieve Better Client Communication and Results with the Voice Dialogue Technique

by Dan Norman |  Date Released : 21 Jul 2011

In this audio clinic, Dan Norman discusses how the mastery of the Voice Dialogue technique can help you to create rapid breakthroughs with your clients. Voice Dialogue is an effective communication model that can help you quickly tune into the different facets of your clients' personalities. This allows you to measure their moods and match their energy to adapt each personal training session for maximum impact.

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Dan Norman

About the author: Dan Norman

Dan Norman works as a Coach and Trainer specializing in personal development, awareness, wellness and performance. Dan has worked in the fitness industry for twenty years, with experience in most roles below club manager.His studio, The Whiteroom, is based in East Yorkshire, UK, and he works with clients face to face and increasingly over the phone or Skype.

Dan's passion and driving interest has become helping individuals and groups unfold and embrace their awareness and experience. To this end he uses coaching conversation, voice dialogue, writing, drawing, physical movement and play. Dan believes that stress is the distance we have created between selves we identify with and therefore selves we do not identify with. He helps facilitate aspects and angles that bring challenge, light, fun and resource to individuals who feel they need it.

Dan's qualifications and certifications include an Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching with Human Technics and Bristol Business School accredited at Masters Level, the ILM 7 certificate in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching, Voice Dialogue Practitioner Level 3, NCFE Counselling Skills Level 3, Metabolic Typing Advisor, CHEK HLC 2 and Practitioner Level 2 and he is currently completing the FASTER Functional Diploma in Performance. He has taught Advanced Functional Training for FASTER and worked with Power Plate completing and delivering their master training courses.

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