Youth: The Power of Encouragement

by Gary Gray |  Date Released : 01 Sep 2006

  • Introduction
  • What would I like to train them to do or BE?
  • Healthy… Happy… Hope!
  • Hope is key
  • Truth – what do you want?
  • Who is training them? What do they want for the child?
  • I really want and need to be ENCOURAGED
  • Human beings respond to encouragement
  • Life – you vs. you
  • #1 – find out where they’re at
  • Create an environment for success
  • Every child is an athlete
  • Assess them, then program to encourage
  • Encouragement is our biggest job
  • What is the thought process needed to work with kids today?
  • What’s their family life like?
  • Our generation of conditioning – self judgement
  • More than a paradigm shift
  • How can I most powerfully encourage today?
  • Encouragers are not born but developed
  • Must be genuine and unique
  • Creating a generation of encouraged kids
  • Love thy neighbor as thyself

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Gary Gray

About the author: Gary Gray

Gary is the originator and developer of many nationally acclaimed educational programs, including the “Chain Reaction” series of seminars. He is the recipient of the prestigious 2002 John Maley award which recognizes an individual for innovation in physical therapy. Referred to as the leading pioneer and authority in rehab and training, Gary is a respected physical therapist, trainer, educator, author, coach and successful inventor. He has transformed his functional and biomechanical understanding of the body into the most effective performance-enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitative applications. Gary’s passion for education and sharing, along with his innovation and desire, allows him to translate the complexities of human function into simple and effective techniques. Gary’s goal to enhance the lives of professionals and the lives of those they treat and train.

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