Youth Coordination Development

by Brian Grasso |  Date Released : 14 Sep 2007

  • Introduction
  • Ages 6-13 work within sensitive realms of CNS development
  • Long term spectrum – years of training (not a six week program)
  • Build a long-term curriculum and they will stay for the long term
  • Coordination development is at the heart of working with kids
  • Coordination consists of balance, spatial awareness, kinaesthetic differentiation, rhythm, movement adequacy
  • Balance – static and dynamic
  • Kinaesthetic differentiation – how much force required to produce specific desired outcome?
  • Working within sub-maximal efforts and loads
  • Rhythm – uniform and asymmetrical
  • Spatial awareness
  • Groups and individuals
  • Chronological, biological and emotional ages
  • How to work with varied group skill levels
  • Progressions and regressions
  • Self esteem is everything
  • Scramble to Balance game
  • Belly to one-foot balance with eyes closed – varying cues
  • Skip Loop game
  • Concept of plasticity with CNS
  • Skills and physical abilities
  • Spatial awareness – ball toss behind back and with partner
  • Creating games within science
  • Movement Adequacy - High step march with frontal arm movements
  • Kinaesthetic differentiation – three balls of different weight
  • Standing leap from X to tape mark – getting close without touching
  • Ages 6-9 – 20 +/- kids
  • Ages 10-12 – form and function
  • Warm up - Working in the three planes
  • Basic compound movements
  • Skill of the day
  • Guided discovery
  • Don’t over coach – let them find the patterns
  • Coordination games
  • Systemic strength training
  • Lot’s of ROM but not stretching
  • Cool down with mobility drills and training technique drills
  • 40 to 50 minutes per session
  • Society tries to force short term solutions for long term issues
  • Embracing long term development – we have our bodies for LIFE!
  • Not fat loss programs – teach them to love movement and exercise

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Brian Grasso

About the author: Brian Grasso

Brian Grasso = “Mindset Matters Most”...

… The global phenomena that is taking the world by storm and helping people learn that no matter what the goal, if your MINDSET isn’t right, you’re never going to get there. 

An 18 year veteran of the sports training industry, Brian founded one of the largest youth development educational organizations in the world, served as its CEO for nearly 8 years and co-created one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the United States along with it. 

He has guest lectured at governmental and private associations around the world - including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy and throughout North America - coached more than 20,000 athletes and worked with Olympic Medallists, professionals from varying sports, collegiate standouts and kids. 

Brian authored “The Audacity of Success”, co-authored the bestseller “Total Body Transformation”, wrote and co-produced the landmark short film “Life by Numbers” and writes regularly for magazines around the globe, including Inked and Bulace.

His most recent book - Mindset Matters Most - became an Amazon Best Seller this past April.

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