Why People Don't Heal - Part 2

by Paul Chek |  Date Released : 02 Nov 2005

NOTE: This audio clinic begins mid-stream without introduction or delay, directly following "Why People Don’t Heal - Part 1."

  • Thoughts have a life form
  • Pain = You’re not satisfied with what you are creating in life
  • Practitioners who base identity on patients'/clients' success
  • Intuition vs. Assessment - Faith should only begin where knowledge ends
  • To help others, we must first help OURSELVES
  • Pain shows us that the choices we are making are not helping at the best possible pace
  • Discomfort ultimately leads us to a point of CHANGE
  • Misconceptions of pain and suffering based on the lives of religious mystics
  • Best path to spiritual development -> purify the body
  • The universe moves towards you at the same pace you move towards it!
  • Wrinkled spiritual “figs” – mortification and letting go of the human body
  • Taking a four year old surfing on a 30 foot wave with Laird Hamilton…
  • For someone to be coached, they must WANT to be coached
  • We attract clients into our lives to offer EACH OTHER an opportunity to grow
  • Not our place to make others listen – only to offer
  • Every client is an offering
  • If a client is not accepting coaching: Are your words congruent with how you are living? (What am I seeing in my client that I’m also seeing in myself?)
  • If you are congruent, this person may not be ready to move forward in this way
  • It is not our job to force them
  • We are planting seeds in our clients – Let them grow… sometimes it takes time.
  • Go to bed with the joy that we have planted seeds
  • Best way to help our client’s push through a threshold is to push through it ourselves
  • The brighter the light, the more bugs you attract… but we also attract beauty
  • Only after you fall in love with yourself can you share that with others
  • First quest is always to fall in love with SELF
  • Each life – make better decisions
  • NOTE: Please excuse a small blip in the sound at this moment in the interview. The following came as a post-interview thought from Paul.
  • Our job as leaders is to show and share our own paths
  • What resonates with me? Go to work with it
  • Dogmatic vs. Open mindedness
  • You can only get out of any experience what you ARE

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Paul Chek

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Internationally acclaimed speaker, consultant and Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek, draws upon over twenty-eight years of experience in corrective exercise, high performance conditioning and integrative lifestyle management. Author of six books, over 60 DVDs and numerous correspondence courses and seminars, he has also developed four advanced training programs for professional development in the health and fitness industry. Paul is the founder of the C.H.E.K Institute, based in San Diego, CA which specializes in Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology (www.chekinstitute.com). He is also the creator of the P~P~S Success Mastery Program (www.ppssuccess.com).

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