What is Function? Part 1

by Gary Gray |  Date Released : 01 Dec 2003

  • Introduction to the “father of function”.
  • The history and birth of “function” in fitness.
  • How is function misinterpreted in the industry?
  • What IS function?
  • Ultimate goal as a fitness professional: To first of all describe function and then be able to determine if something matches that description.
  • The Functional Design Litmus Test for function.
    1.  3-Dimensionality
    2.  Isolated vs. Integrated
    3.  Gravity Orientation
    4.  Bodyweight/Free Weight vs. External Load
    5.  Stabilization – Static vs. Motion
    6.  Subconscious vs. Conscious
    7.  Eccentric & Concentric 8
    8.  Proprioceptively Enhanced vs. Confused
    9.  Pook Bear Test - Charades

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Gary Gray

About the author: Gary Gray

Gary is the originator and developer of many nationally acclaimed educational programs, including the “Chain Reaction” series of seminars. He is the recipient of the prestigious 2002 John Maley award which recognizes an individual for innovation in physical therapy. Referred to as the leading pioneer and authority in rehab and training, Gary is a respected physical therapist, trainer, educator, author, coach and successful inventor. He has transformed his functional and biomechanical understanding of the body into the most effective performance-enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitative applications. Gary’s passion for education and sharing, along with his innovation and desire, allows him to translate the complexities of human function into simple and effective techniques. Gary’s goal to enhance the lives of professionals and the lives of those they treat and train.

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