Tactical Engagement

by Robert Esquerre |  Date Released : 19 Aug 2008

  • Introduction
  • The Esquerre philosophy
  • How does recruitment, membership and retention work synergistically to support our business?
  • What if I am an independent trainer?
  • The core of the business is the member
  • Perpetual flow of clients for group x, trainers and the club as a whole
  • If the club survives, everything that supports the club survives
  • Everyone has a vested interest in the success of the club
  • Devotion to attention to detail in serving the member
  • You have to care about the recipients of your service
  • Providing the best of the best
  • Provide for the individualized needs of the members
  • Professionals who don’t have the skill sets to engage consumers have the most problems
  • Focus on the member
  • The member will not get involved in a fee-based service unless the professional is engaging, has professionalism, listening skills and can address his or her specific needs
  • Everything is related to everything else; there are no silos
  • Selling without selling
  • What are the metrics that tell you that your business is being run successfully?
  • What percentage of your membership base is engaged in personal training?
  • What is your rate of retention?
  • You don’t get what you want… you get what you deserve!
  • If the member is happy, everyone wins!
  • It’s not about you… it’s about all of us collectively.
  • What it takes to operate your own business?
  • Why trainers fail at starting their own business?
  • How do I take my career to the next level?
  • Creating a point of viable differentiation
  • What exactly do I want to do?
  • Writing down our objectives
  • A SWOT analysis
  • Finding a mentor
  • Varying your offerings
  • Find a mentor, take action!

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Robert Esquerre

About the author: Robert Esquerre

Bob Esquerre is both nationally and internationally recognized as a business planner, a leading educator and a programming specialist. Called a Trainer-of-Managers, a Trainer-of-Trainers and a “turn around” business specialist, Bob is an active participant in the global lecture circuit who advises club owners and fitness professionals about how to “make money!” He has served as Corporate Fitness Director for Equinox Fitness Clubs and Fitness Services Director for Northwest Athletic Clubs. As the CEO of the Esquerre Fitness Group, Bob leads a consulting team of subject matter experts who provide business solutions to the fitness industry by focusing on our “core” business: our club members.

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