Strength vs Function for the Masses

by Ian O'Dwyer |  Date Released : 06 Jun 2007

  • Introduction
  • Emergence from infancy
  • Expertise arising. Evolution of fitness industry
  • Sporting elite vs. masses
  • Strength and function – relative to the person
  • What is functional training?
  • Children show us function
  • Allowing body to move effectively without pain
  • Clients to move and feel better
  • Function, fitness, skills and techniques
  • Body building dangers
  • How do you feel that you walk?
  • Paying attention to our own bodies
  • Allowing clients to feel positive change
  • Small momentary change opens doorway to bigger change on all levels
  • Listen to the body
  • Regressing clients for body to feel better
  • Not about us and what we know
  • Danger of functional exercise
  • Body needs to be conditioned to go into the position it’s going in
  • Our body designed to go everywhere but we have de-conditioned it
  • Strength and conditioning injuries
  • Functional training - helping the body remember
  • The body needs “games” at an older age
  • The power of laughter
  • Regressing back to childhood. Open the dor to possibilities
  • Simplify and progressive discovery to accessibility
  • Body knows best
  • Strength and function are about the body as a whole
  • If we challenge the body in varied and progressive ways strength and function grow together
  • Five components of function
  • Gravity
  • Integration
  • Multi-directional, multi-planar
  • Proprioceptively rich
  • Stability – dynamic and static
  • 99% application

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Ian O'Dwyer

About the author: Ian O'Dwyer

Ian O’Dwyer, (OD), has practiced in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. He is a director of OD on Movement, a movement and business solutions company with two facilities in Australia (Melbourne & Noosa). OD is a “hands on” Movement Coach practicing at his facilities. OD on Movement run Mentorships twice yearly in Noosa Heads and also in dedicated locations globally.

As an Author, Ian has written for leading industry magazines and education providers, he is also a Co-Founder of PTA Global, whom in 2009 collaborated with 25 of the industries leaders to create systems, science and tools for Coaches, Trainers and Businesses to gain more successful outcomes for their clients.

As a Presenter, Ian has presented over 500 workshops globally. He has a unique ability to observe movement and create instant change through innovative and practical techniques but best of all he makes it FUN.

Ian is a common sense, positive guy who has worked with and learnt from some of the world’s best to become an effective and successful coach.

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