Strength vs Function: One in the Same

by Mark Verstegen |  Date Released : 01 Aug 2007

  • Introduction.
  • Strength, the mother of all abilities.
  • Strength is the foundation of function.
  • We all have different heritage in this field.
  • Different people come from different paths.
  • Strength and conditioning field.
  • Functional training.
  • Needs analysis.
  • Strength and conditioning field – needs analysis.
  • Effort to make change/improvement as fast as possible.
  • Perception vs. reality.
  • University systems.
  • Perception of functional training.
  • Drawing from the absolute best of all modalities.
  • Basing it all on a system.
  • Creating systems that allow you to work with individuals over and over again.
  • Core performance system.
  • Our job is to help people get better.
  • Self evaluation – external evaluation (i.e., Gray Cook’s screens).
  • Core fundamentals.
  • Pillar strength.
  • Movement prep.
  • Integrating movement skills.
  • Recovery and regeneration.
  • Strength is like dial up. We want broadband.
  • What is your philosophy?
  • Do I have a system?
  • What have other smart people done? Start there?
  • Strength and function are one in the same.
  • All trying to achieve the same results.
  • Never demean others to elevate yourself.
  • Seek to educate and elevate others to achieve their goals.
  • Seek the common threads of what gets results.

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Mark Verstegen

About the author: Mark Verstegen

A nationally-recognized leader and innovator in the world of athletic training, Mark Verstegen is owner and president of Athletes’ Performance, which has set the standard for providing athletes with cutting-edge training based on the latest sports science. Mark and Athletes’ Performance have trained many of the top champions in the world of sports at their state-of-the-art facilities in Arizona and Southern California.

In 2004, Mark authored Core Performance (Rodale Press), which reached the top 25 on Amazon and has sold well over 100,000 copies.  Mark’s widely acclaimed Core Performance system is also available on his web site.

Mark and Athletes’ Performance consult for high performances companies including Adidas, EAS, Gatorade, Keiser, GoFit, Amino Vital, Power Plate, and TIGNUM. Mark serves as the Director of Performance for the NFL Players Association and as an Executive Producer of video-on-demand network Sportskool. He is a regular columnist in Men’s Health Magazine and a sought after industry speaker who regularly presents at the leading conferences in the field.

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