Strength Training in Adolescents

by Brian Grasso |  Date Released : 15 Feb 2008

  • Introduction
  • Technical proficiency
  • Ending of a set = technical failure
  • Dangers of pre-set programs
  • Pre-adolescent nervous system plasticity
  • Adolescents not quite so plastic
  • 14-17- beware of training beyond good form
  • What we allow them to perform is what their body will retain
  • Monitoring exercises with boys especially
  • Help them understand why it is important
  • Things take time – teach patience
  • Do you want to win now or go professional
  • How to monitor technical proficiency
  • Avoid max testing and overloading
  • Create alternative assessment systems – RTA (Rate of Technical Ability)
  • Subjective rating 1-5. Test stops when RTA drops below 5
  • Rep variables
  • Re-educating movement
  • High volume and high reps – hard to stay focused
  • 8-10 sets of 3 instead of 3 sets of 12
  • Hybrid complexes
  • Stringing together of two or more exercises in a rep
  • Hybrids make them think
  • Strength fitness
  • Watch overtraining and system stress
  • Hybrids maximize proficiency and time
  • Hybrids control high school desire to max load
  • Opening the doorway of possibility in the body
  • Kids sit all day and night
  • Single leg step up
  • Step up- reverse lunge – split squat
  • Multi plane with varying loads – thousands of combinations
  • Typical session
  • Warm up Hybrid – focused movement
  • Plyometrics – need to be preceded by strength work
  • Essence of strength training in running, jumping and throwing
  • Build sound movement/bio-motor abilities before focusing on building plyometric programs
  • Teach them how to jump and land
  • Conclusion

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