Sacred Keys of Motivation: The Power of WHY

by Chip Richards |  Date Released : 08 Oct 2007

  • Introduction
  • Opening up to the WHAT
  • Understanding the WHY
  • Harnessing the HOW, now
  • Roles, responsibilities and expectations of the world around us
  • Most people never take time to really ask (and answer) the question, “What do I really want?”
  • Our soul desires are our link to true fulfilment
  • How the universe communicates with our physical bodies
  • The power of contrast to ignite true desire
  • Getting clear on the what
  • Understanding the WHY.
  • What is beneath the outward desire?
  • Three levels of WHY – Physical Why, Energetic Why and UNIVERSAL Why
  • The Physical Why – accessing Leverage through the power of Pain and Pleasure
  • Stacking the WHY against us – into WHY NOT?
  • What has been your perceived COST of pursuing your goal?
  • What has been your perceived benefit of NOT pursuing your goal?
  • Our inner motives are always looking out for us the best they know how
  • Re-educating your inner drive – stacking up the why to align us with our desires
  • What will be the COSTS if you do NOT pursue your goal (emotional costs, relationship costs, career costs, etc…)
  • What are all the possible BENEFITS that may come from the fulfilment of your goal?
  • Re-aligning the neuro-associative pathways to support your highest vision
  • Tapping into the ENERGETIC WHY
  • Moving beyond the outer goal to begin achieving inner fulfilment now
  • What do you want? And will that give you? And what will that give you? And what…?
  • Getting down to the emotional essence of our outward desires
  • Holding (and using) the sacred keys

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Chip Richards

About the author: Chip Richards

Formerly ranked #1 in the US for Freestyle Skiing, Chip served as head coach of the 1998 Australian Olympic Freestyle Ski Team and has mentored Olympic athletes (including four World Champions) from six nations. For the past 11 years, Chip has taken his passion for coaching into various business and creative industries. Merging ancient wisdom with the "inner science" of transformative change, Chip has guided film makers, musicians, business leaders, adventurers and wellness professionals on their journey of self discovery. In 2005, following eight years as Editor for PTontheNET, Chip founded the 4th Dimension Holistic Life Coach and Leadership program, aimed at empowering individuals to transform their lives. An internationally published writer and storyteller, Chip has published a variety of written works on the subject of human development, consciousness and wellbeing.

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