Rehab and Mobility Training - Part 1

by Eric Cobb |  Date Released : 01 Nov 2007

  • Introduction
  • Fighting and fitness
  • System to view current programs through neuro-science
  • How we move. Our perception and pain
  • Active system designed for trainers and therapists
  • Movement ABCs
  • Survival vocabulary of movement
  • Dangers of early specialization in sport – shutting us down
  • Active mobility exercises – joint to joint in all three planes
  • 12 exercises for the feet alone
  • Proprioceptive system
  • Proprioception – not a physical thing. Integration of many elements
  • Mechanoreceptors and nocireceptors
  • Proprioceptive map of the self
  • Virtual bodies
  • Open mechanoreceptors relieve pain
  • Cuboid restriction – inhibition of gluteus medius and incorrect firing of the opposite shoulder
  • All the body, all the time
  • Improve one area, improve all areas
  • Shoulder never walks down the street by itself
  • Neuro-matrix theory of pain
  • Movements effect thoughts effect movements...
  • Active movements give responsibility back to clients
  • S.A.I.D. Principle
  • Body always adapts to exactly what it does

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Eric Cobb

About the author: Eric Cobb

The creator and co-founder of Z-Health, Dr. Eric Cobb is one of the world's leading experts in harnessing the power of the neurology of movement to create extraordinary change in the human body.

Dr. Cobb's innate passion for human physiology and psychology began when he was first introduced to the martial arts as a 6-year old boy. His passion for martial arts, and all things athletic, led him to dig deeply into the science of movement over the last 20 years. He has done extensive study in a variety of health and movement-related areas, including neurology, neurophysiology, pain management, nutrition and functional medicine, kinesiology, musculoskeletal trauma, and advanced soft tissue techniques.

At this point, he loves distilling dense scientific and academic work into informative, practical content that has the power to change lives.

In his 20 years in training, Dr. Cobb has developed a global and holistic approach to health and performance, based on the brain. He tailors his approach to each and every person that walks through his door -- but underlying everything he does is his deep-seated desire to help people realize the power they have to change, and then to help them find the tools and skills to unlock their potential.

Today, Dr. Cobb travels the country, teaching workshops and certification courses to everyone from stay-at-home moms to Olympic gold medalists. In addition, he and his team are constantly developing new products and training modalities to keep Z-Health current and engaging.

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