Programming for Piriformis Syndrome

by Matt McCulloch |  Date Released : 01 Apr 2014

Review anatomy of the piriformis and three exercise demos designed to help stabilize the pelvic region.

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Matt McCulloch

About the author: Matt McCulloch

Matt McCulloch is an educator of fitness and movement professionals, co-founder of Kinected, and co-director of the Kane School. A classically trained dancer, he began studying Pilates 20 years ago to rehabilitate an anterior cruciate ligament injury. He is trained in both original and contemporary approaches; over the past decade, he has educated hundreds of instructors and created pragmatic teaching tools for fitness professionals, like the FAMI workshop and the new FAMI iPad app series. Matt also lectures to clinical professionals, frequently leading workshops fusing movement and clinical information on the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates to DPT students at Hunter College and physiatry residents at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Additionally, Matt is a GYROKINESIS® & GYROTONIC® instructor, a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified exercise specialist, and co-chair of the Fitness Professional division of TRIARQ.

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