Principles of Corrective Exercise

by Anthony Carey |  Date Released : 15 Aug 2004

  • Introduction 
  • Anthony’s background in corrective exercise 
  • The Motor Learning Continuum 
  • Personal Trainers vs. “Exercise Therapists” 
    “Exercise Alternatives to Pain Relief”
  • Non-generic protocols for low back pain
  • No core stabilization training until segmental improvements
  • Dangers of core training - building stability in bad body positions
  • Simplifying the movement - Athlete to elderly, starting in the same place.
  • Applications to the Personal Trainer: Corrective Exercise warm ups
  • Creating release through movement
  • Home-workable programs
  • Value and necessity of repetition
  • Building a corrective exercise business with client advocates and medical community referrals
  • The art of “reverse referrals” – creating a niche with a non-competitive service.

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Anthony Carey

About the author: Anthony Carey

Anthony Carey M.A., CSCS, MES is PFP Magazine’s 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year and owner of Function First in San Diego, California and an international presenter on biomechanics, corrective exercise, functional anatomy and motor control and their relationships to pain and function. Anthony has developed the Pain Free Movement Specialist certification and is the inventor of the Core-Tex®.

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