Practical Application of Vibration

by Scott Hopson |  Date Released : 18 Jan 2008

  • Introduction
  • Passive and active application
  • Big myths
  • Active warm ups – mobility, switching the body on
  • Lower frequency and amplitude
  • Passive, massage, myofascial release
  • Flexibility
  • Active – lunging, etc…
  • Dynamic movement preparation
  • 30-50 x / second
  • Finding the balance between stimulation and fatigue
  • Laying on it directly
  • Initiating GTO response
  • Autogenic inhibition
  • Pain-free release
  • Stimulating localized blood flow
  • Life is vibration
  • How to gauge variable for different needs
  • Finding the natural ranges
  • Dis-Ease
  • Amplitude + Frequency = Magnitude
  • Gravity
  • Moving into Active – standing up
  • Vibration seeks active muscles
  • Stability and coordination
  • Corrective exercise reps required to undo faulty patterning
  • Accelerating movement pattern re-programming
  • From static to dynamic
  • Single plane to multi-plane
  • Goal – perform all movement patterns with vibration
  • A-Z ranges
  • Vibration strength training
  • Volume and skill
  • Increase frequency up to 40 hertz -> decrease volume
  • Amplitude to increase workload
  • Mass and acceleration
  • Detecting overtraining
  • High neurological training
  • Mental emotional drain
  • Allow phases to progress
  • Begin statically
  • Static in multiplane -> dynamic
  • Integrated tool
  • Recovery is limiting factor in performance
  • Vibration as a recovery tool
  • Conclusion

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Scott Hopson

About the author: Scott Hopson

Degree: Sport and Exercise Science

Certifications: PTA Global, NASM, NSCA, ACSM, CHEK, FMS, TPI, API, RTS and USA Rugby.

Scott is a co-founder of PTA Global, an educational company for the fitness industry. He is also an Associate Director for Personal Training on The Net. As a global coach and educator in the fitness and performance industries, he specializes in the areas of performance enhancement, youth conditioning, and is a renowned leader in the area of Vibration Training. His work has been accepted and integrated into leading universities, performance organizations such as the US and Chinese Olympic Associations, the NFL and world soccer, as well as global health club chains and public school systems.

Scott has created and authored multiple accredited programs including certifications, workshops, study manuals and DVDs. He is a respected industry presenter, published author, and regularly contributes to journals and industry publications.

He currently performs educational, consultative and advisory board work for:

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