Muscle Activation Techniques - Part 1

by Greg Roskopf |  Date Released : 20 Oct 2004

  • Introduction
  • Greg’s journey and the background of MAT.
  • Why corrective exercise works for some but not others?
  • Recognizing body compensation
  • Discovering the core injury behind compensation.
  • Biomechanics of the body – imbalance in one area creates imbalances in others
  • Do we in the industry really understand the body?
  • Are our exercises helping or contributing to the problem?
  • 95% of TRAINERS surveyed indicate chronic pain issues… what’s wrong with this picture?
  • Why do muscles tighten up?
  • Walking on Ice – the body’s efforts to stabilize.
  • No more stretching, no more pain - why stretching is NOT the key.
  • Exercise (and stretching) is SPECIFIC to each individual
  • Exercise is the cure but we must prepare the body to exercise – otherwise the strong get stronger, weak get weaker and imbalances magnify.
  • It’s not about the exercise – it’s about the BODY.
  • Where does core, stability and functional training fit in?
  • Philosophy of MAT
  • Muscle tightness secondary to muscle weakness
  • Muscle strength does not guarantee joint stability
  • Tight muscle = weak / lengthened antagonist
  • Law or reciprocal inhibition
  • Hip flexors and lower crossed syndrome
  • Using MAT to provide the “checks and balances” for what’s the most appropriate exercises for our clients.

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Greg Roskopf

About the author: Greg Roskopf

International acclaimed developer of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) whose concepts are utilized worldwide for rehab and performance. Greg works with numerous professional athletes and sports teams including the Denver Broncos and Nuggets.

Greg Roskopf has devoted his career to the study of the “cause and effect” of the muscular system and how it relates to pain. As the author of the Roskopf Principle and the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques he not only developed the MAT™ program but also created a curriculum for this technique that has been taught to students all across the globe. Muscle Activation Techniques fills the gap between the medical and the exercise fields. Greg has over two decades of experience applying MAT™ to his clients and developing students into competent and respected practitioners.

Greg has worked as a consultant for various professional sports teams including: the Denver Broncos, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets. Beyond this, Greg works with clients at all physical capability levels who are looking to address challenges they experience due to injury, stress, or trauma to their muscular system.

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