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Mindful Walking Part 1

by Clifford Oliver |  Date Released : 07 Jul 2010

  • Introduction.
  • How we walk reflects who and what we are.
  • With each step you take, you are inscribing your signature in motion...”
  • Mechanics + rhythms + deeper meditation.
  • Moving in rhythm.
  • Getting back into step with our relationships.
  • Entraining with those we walk with.
  • Setting intentions and paying attention.
  • “Awarenessing.”
  • Arnold S. - Maximizing 1 repetition.
  • Tendency toward distraction.
  • I-pods in the Olympics
  • Fragmented presence in the gym.
  • Walking without distraction.
  • Looking for the homeruns…. missing the little moments and greater gifts.
  • Great minds, thinkers and ancient tribes went for walks.
  • Walking for exercise vs. integrating our mind, body and spirit.
  • Taking steps with mastery.
  • Looking at the mechanics.
  • Activating our glutes, getting our balance
  • How do we develop balance?
  • Age 7, age 13 – maximum balance capacity if you’ve used your abilities growing up.
  • One foot closed eye standing test.
  • 80% of time on one foot while we walk.
  • Washing the dishes / brushing teeth on one foot with the eyes closed.
  • Introducing SLOW WALKING – walking as slow as you can, 80-20 rule, with eyes closed.
  • Developing balance expanding performance and life with just this tool.
  • Crossing patterns.
  • Locking, limiting or losing our crossing motion in walking – instantly weakening our body systems.

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Clifford Oliver

About the author: Clifford Oliver

Dr. Oliver has been involved in complimentary, holistic medicine since 1972, working with nutritional and structural therapies for the last 24 years. Drawing on his formal education as a registered nurse and doctor of chiropractics as well as years of personal study on nutrition, holistic medicine and spirituality, Dr. Oliver has developed a unique and powerful ability to help his clients to overcome their health issues. Currently in private practice, he has treated thousands of patients with major health issues ranging from acute to chronic care. He has worked with both professional and amateur athletes, assisting in the facilitation of improved performance. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Oliver also serves on the Advisory Task Force for the Gerson Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic treatment of degenerative diseases.

Dr. Oliver has also been working actively to shape the nature of medicine in this country for over 20 years, presenting at conferences and institutions such as the Department of Neurosciences at the University of California at San Diego Medical School, The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego State University, The Holistic Nurses Association and the Fitness Trainers Association. His lectures cover a broad array of topics such as the role of chiropractics in the healing arts, nutrition for health and Korean hand acupuncture.

In 2002, Dr. Oliver took another step toward reshaping the nature of health practice around the world when he began teaching at the C.H.E.K Institute. His extensive education and experience has provided Dr. Oliver with the knowledge to make a major contribution in the creation of all three of the NLC courses. The result is the integrated holistic model of mind, body and spirit that characterizes the core of all NLC courses.

In addition to his scientific and clinical background, Dr. Oliver is an award winning and published nature photographer, accomplished musician (having composed and performed the sound score on a documentary soundtrack) holds U.S. patents in surfboard design and has shaped thousands of surfboards for some of the world's elite surfers.

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