Metabolic Typing for True Results

by Ben Wilson |  Date Released : 15 Oct 2007

  • Introduction
  • What do the vast majority of our clients want?
  • Clients judge you by this and pay you for this and crave this.
  • Are your clients losing fat?
  • Must simply address the nutrition, mental or exercise component if client not losing weight.
  • Two powerful techniques - Metabolic typing and EFT.
  • Nutrition more important than exercise to lose fat – many people train a lot but don’t lose/gain results because diet is wrong.
  • Background – Weston Price, 1930s, biochemical individuality.
  • Dr Kelly and Dr Watson, William Wollcott.
  • Metabolic typing today.
  • In a nutshell, what it means and what benefits it serves, different levels of MT.
  • Ben’s story – getting rid of asthma.
  • How it works.
  • Genetic MT and Functional MT.
  • How much to eat.
  • Getting the Fuel Mix right.
  • Acid and alkaline misunderstandings.
  • Intolerances, endocrine foods, blood type.
  • No food is healthy for everyone.
  • Tune into reactions post eating,
  • Be wary of the main intolerances and watch food cravings.
  • Take a test.

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Ben Wilson

About the author: Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson has a degree in Chemistry from Cardiff University. He is a NSCA-certified personal trainer, nutritionist and EFT therapist. He is author of Rugby Fitness Training: A 12 Month Conditioning Programme. He has studied and worked in the US, Australia and the UK with every type of client from housewives to business executives, from children to pensioners to elite level athletes. Previous roles involved training special populations, including post heart attack/stroke patients and clients with varying degrees of disability. Ben has sat the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) foundation course. He is the founder of One2One nutrition.

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