Leadership: Translating Vision into Reality

by Bobby Cappuccio |  Date Released : 15 Apr 2009

  • Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality – Warren Bennis
  • Power is the ability to produce a result or an effect
  • A leader is anyone who has a vision and influences others
  • We take on the attitudes, social mores and behaviors of our reference group
  • Culture is extremely important within any organization
  • Your company's culture will be a root cause of either your distinction or extinction within the marketplace
  • Any professional who continues to believe that he or she is judged merely on technical competency and the ability to produce result is in for a massive reality check!
  • To capture market share, you must capture mind share.
  • If we don’t start taking EXPERIENCE SERIOUSLY…we will need to start re-thinking career options…SERIOUSLY
  • We have the opportunity to start expanding the way we serve people in a way that makes us indispensable.
  • Research at Cal Berkley
  • Research at Scripps in La Jolla
  • The six qualities of a leader
    • Vision
    • Desire
    • Commitment
    • Strategy
    • Persistence
    • Belief
  • Are you willing to completely give yourself to a purpose beyond yourself???
  • Great leaders are not always glorified, but they always are great servants.
  • Do you love what you do, the vision you hold and the people you serve so much that when you are tried as a leader you will not be shaken?

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Bobby Cappuccio

About the author: Bobby Cappuccio

Bobby Cappuccio has held various positions in the fitness industry, including personal trainer, fitness manager, Membership Sales Consultant, Area Director and Corporate Director of Training and Development. Bobby's passion is to help people create a more empowering self-perception by exercising their ability to affect change in their life through health and fitness.

As an international speaker and Former Director of Professional Development for NASM, Bobby has developed and inspired thousands of trainers, managers and industry leaders to facilitate remarkable change in both their lives and their business.

Bobby has been invited to speak and/or consult on subjects including business development, sales and communication skills for many of the most prominent health club chains in the fitness industry.

He has been a contributing author for some of the fitness industry's most widely-read textbooks as well as multiple professional development-based videos. His articles frequently appear in popular fitness publications and he is a highly sought-after speaker at leading industry conferences.

Bobby is currently aligned with leading organizations in the health and fitness industry, including FitPro, PTontheNet and the PT Academy Global.

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