Leadership: Influencing Others

by Kevin Laferriere |  Date Released : 15 Mar 2009

  • The definition of leadership
  • Leadership is the ability to influence
  • You don’t need a title to be a leader
  • Culture is created by the actions of leaders
  • Education and motivation is not enough... believe change is necessary to create behavioral change
  • A good trainer can design a program... a great trainer can get their clients to do it
  • Servant leadership
  • Trainers are often natural leaders
  • The current economy
  • Trying to encourage people to embark on a fitness journey is harder today
  • In today’s economic climate, the only sure investment is in oneself
  • The unseen opportunities of the current economic situation
  • The opportunity to eliminate competition
  • Tough economic times tend to weed out the people who are not committed
  • Training has shifted from a management paradigm to one of leadership
  • You can no longer be known in our industry as an expert
  • The qualities of a leader are (1) integrity and (2) humility
  • The greatest privilege of a leader is responsibility
  • Integrity is what you do when no one is looking
  • Make sure your passion lies in the desire to elevate and grow everyone around you…not in the prestige of the position
  • Just because you love to eat pies doesn’t mean you’re going to be a great baker
  • Leaders are not measured by what they accomplish themselves, but what they accomplish through others
  • The Peter Principle
  • Leaders must work on patience
  • What can we do together?
  • The people and organizations that are most likely to do well despite the economy
  • The next year will probably not be as fruitful as 2005-2006
  • Companies that are positioned well are faithful to and prevailing in their mission statements
  • The reward for doing must be the doing itself

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Kevin Laferriere

About the author: Kevin Laferriere

Kevin Laferriere is a 26 year veteran of the health and fitness industry. He’s held a multitude of positions and responsibilities during that time including currently serving as CEO and Board member for Fitness Professionals Ltd.

FitPro is the largest professional fitness development firm in the world. FitPro Ltd is more commonly associated with its Industry leading brands such as PTontheNet, ViPR, MyGroupfit, and Personal Training Academy Global. FitPro has over 143,000 members in 82 countries. Since its inception in 1990, FitPro has been trusted and relied on by more than 83% of all large scale commercial health club operations in the industry.

Additionally, FitPro’s European markets manage the distribution for Ziva Fitness UK, Tribe Team Training, and MOSSA.

Kevin Laferriere’s prior roles include President, Chief Operating Officer; and Senior Vice President of Sales, Operations and Fitness Services with Lifestyle Family Fitness. He was instrumental in the growth of Lifestyle Family Fitness from 6 local market locations to 56 national stores. Lifestyle was ranked by IHRSA magazine as a top ten health club chain in the industry, grossing more than $128M in annual revenues. Prior to its sale to Lifetime Fitness and LA Fitness, Lifestyle had 3,000 employees and 228,000 members.

Kevin served as partner and co-owner of the Gold’s Gym franchises in St. Petersburg/ Bradenton, Florida for 11 years.

He holds his AA from St. Petersburg College, his BS in biology from the University of South Florida, and has completed graduate courses in Business.

He’s been a student of the industry, including holding up to 36 Fitness Certifications. He served on the original committee for creating the NCCA personal training standards with IHRSA and a founder of the IFL Round Table (credited as being the 12 top fitness directors in the world).

Kevin has been featured in numerous publications, and he continues to travel and present internationally. He also currently serves on the Advisors Board for Bryan University Health Informatics, Board of Directors Fitness Professionals, and Board of Directors PTA Global.

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