Leadership: Changing with the Times

by Robert Esquerre |  Date Released : 15 Mar 2009

  • The reality of the economy today
  • Members are educated consumers, and they want value
  • If we have value, we should have no problem
  • Opportunities that are emerging in the fitness industry
  • Are we giving consumers what they want and need?
  • Re-engineering
  • Self reflection
  • Professionals who are positioned to do well regardless of the economy
  • Listen to the consumer
  • Needs are constantly changing, so should we
  • Professionals who are least likely to succeed
  • Fitness professionals who blame circumstances
  • Where’s the big picture?
  • We have to change with the times
  • If we don’t evolve to meet the consumers' evolving needs, they will go somewhere else
  • Its not the four walls, it’s the experience we provide within our four walls that determines value
  • Skills a fitness professional must be fanatical about developing
  • The consumer wants someone to bond with them, to trust them
  • Re-inventing yourself in the next six to 12 months
  • Giving the customer multiple options
  • Five star experiences
  • The fitness concierge
  • The Bob Esquerre list of qualities that make up a leader are:
    • The ability to act as an entrepreneur
    • The ability to take risks
    • The ability to build relationships
    • Empathy
    • The ability to listen
    • The willingness to accept feedback
  • Always ask, "How am I doing?"
  • We promote the most proficient personal trainer and promote them over other trainers and assume they have the skill sets to manage - that’s a nightmare!
  • How does management directly affect service, the success of the department and the growth of the business?
  • Owner sets the tone, manager communicates the message
  • We do not recognize the member as a business asset
  • We do not recognize the employees
  • Decades of experience

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Robert Esquerre

About the author: Robert Esquerre

Bob Esquerre is both nationally and internationally recognized as a business planner, a leading educator and a programming specialist. Called a Trainer-of-Managers, a Trainer-of-Trainers and a “turn around” business specialist, Bob is an active participant in the global lecture circuit who advises club owners and fitness professionals about how to “make money!” He has served as Corporate Fitness Director for Equinox Fitness Clubs and Fitness Services Director for Northwest Athletic Clubs. As the CEO of the Esquerre Fitness Group, Bob leads a consulting team of subject matter experts who provide business solutions to the fitness industry by focusing on our “core” business: our club members.

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