Leadership: Adapting Behavior

by Nic Jarvis |  Date Released : 15 Apr 2009

  • What is leadership?
  • Helping individuals and groups move toward their desired goals
  • Leadership drives the culture of any organization
  • Distinction between shareholders and stakeholders
  • If leaders get their behaviors wrong, the outcome is performance suffers
  • Are we truly satisfying the needs of stakeholders?
  • Why are people coming into this industry, educating themselves and leaving?
  • Members come to the club because they want something, but they’re not completely sure what it is
  • Taking ownership and responsibility
  • Measuring the milestones and results
  • The real challenges presented by the economy
  • Yo-Yo health and fitness club members
  • The exerciser asks himself, “What am I getting out of this?”
  • Members will not compare you to other facilities but to results
  • Getting people to adapt new behaviors are not about training
  • Leadership is about having people adapt behaviors over time
  • The pain of the situation forces us to reflect
  • What have other industries done to resolve issues?
  • Our ability to perform well in the future is dependant on our ability to develop leaders in the future
  • How to work and motivate other individuals
  • Reinventing how we select and train leaders
  • Leaders won’t just rise to the top
  • Giving ownership to people…how to solve their own problems
  • The six qualities of every leader
    • Vision – The ability to see into the future
    • Ownership – Where we are is the result of the decisions we have made
    • Wisdom - Know what you should be focusing on NOW
    • Simple yet systematic – Work on developing best practices
    • Courage – The ability to step outside your comfort zone
    • Resilience – Great leaders have the ability to step out review what they’re doing and keep going
  • If you want to be a really good leader, work on yourself and ask, "How am I an example of these values?"
  • Going through a massive journey

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Nic Jarvis

About the author: Nic Jarvis

Nic Jarvis began his career in the health and fitness industry with Forte Hotels before becoming general manager of Flames, a small chain of clubs in London. He then headed up the corporate wellness division for FFI before leaving the industry to work as a management consultant. Nic returned to the industry to set up Bodylife Training and Development with Tim Webster and subsequently The Alignment Partnership. He has worked throughout Europe and with many of the UK’s leading health and fitness clubs, including Holmes Place, Fitness First, Living Well, Virgin and David Lloyd.

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